Attack on Liberty, attack on Freedom
 By privileged and violent insurrectionists
 Carrying the flag from ku klux klan
 Combusting false claims of a stolen election.
 Dictator carried on his plan 
 The plan he told to all so clear. 
 Poisonous words tasted like a sweet elixir
 To spineless men afraid of fear. 
 Dictator used corrosive tactics. 
 Learned from his dear pal, the Russian friend.
 Insidiously spread propaganda 
 Eroding truth, spreading threats.
 The cowardly men pleasing idol  
 Worship their god - they're lost souls.
 Exploding with fury, they are homicidal. 
 Liberty and Freedom take the toll.
 The meek and humble cower in fear.
 Sheltered behind and under fixtures
 Pleading and silently praying
 In disbelieve, refusing to see the “big” picture.


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