Searching for a Turning point

 A global pandemic, economic collapse
 A civil unrest has galvanized us. 
 Questioning science causes turmoil,
 Searching for a turning point. 
 Career politicians put our lives in suspense
 Power drunk, they are killing each other.
 Arguing if pips need a stimulus check
 Interrupting the progress to go further.
 Searching for ways to move on, 
 Move on beyond the ravage of COVID
 We begged for a vaccine to save us all
 Now, that it’s here, we are silent and stolid.
 Picking through cracks of structural divides
 Most keep opinions a secret
 Watching the country falling apart 
 Pretending that we are all equal.
 Woke up in the morning, turned on news
 With hope to hear about our savior coming.
 Only to learn that overnight 
 More souls left the Earth and in heaven humming.   
 A year of daily nightmares has passed
 Surgical masks still in fashion
 The Q people hit the country with blasts
 Inflicted pain then asked for compassion. 
 Still in the teeth of COVID-19
 Searching for a turning point.
 This is my view, but what about you?
 What are your thoughts and standpoint?


  1. It’s quite amazing that on the one subject that everyone should have an opinion, no one has an opinion. My opinion is that most of the regulations to do with virus are not based in science. One example: it’s only a pandemic for people over the age of about 75 years. From ages 1 – 55 there’s no pandemic. There, I’ve said it! What courage I just displayed! 🙂 And nothing happened! The truth will set you free.
    Best wishes,


      1. Another way of putting it is that CV19 is a pandemic then every flu season before 2020 was also a pandemic, because the overall mortality rate for previous flu/influenza seasons was only slightly lower. (However, previously those seasons were not considered pandemics).


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