Hope over Fear

 A child on the father’s lap
 With fearful eyes searching for answers
 "Are we ok? Who is this mob, dad?"
 Choking on his tears, he whispered, “cancer.”
     Little did he know the child was watching 
     the insurrection of the Nation.
     Little did he know the child heard
     The mobster’s call for sedition. 
 Cancer that metastasized,
  the father thought in his mind.
 Cancer that destroying us 
 Spreading faster than poison ivy.
     Cancer that disabled minds 
     Deeply concealed in men’s psyche.
     In the four years made so many blind
     The truth becomes so pricy.
 What do I tell to my dear child? 
 The father took a deep breath...
 He looked in her eyes and smiled
 Hope over fear. May God bless.


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