Fear Behind the Mask

 I put on my mask and sunglasses 
 as I walk into a half empty store. 
 The presence of unknown is so obvious 
 its cutting the air leaving unsettling thoughts.  

     I put on my mask and sunglasses 
     to hide away the tears and fears. 
     The stubborn tear stuck on my lashes
     Making it harder for me to see.  

 The cloth mask absorbs tear after tear 
 that sluggishly slide down my cheeks. 
 I look around, no one near
 Confusion hanging on a string.

    Cashier behind a clear plastic shield
    lifts her head up and says “hello.”
    I see the fear in her eyes too,
    nevertheless, she smiles and asks, “How are you”.

 I know that my well-being isn’t on her mind.
 She, probably, goes through a tough time too
 She looks at me and then she deeply sighs...
 As if though my tears cut her through. 

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