To My Friend

 Remove the veil off your face
 And let your eyes see. 
 How marvelous you are, my friend, 
 How dear you are to me.
 You are the one who knows me well, 
 You know my aches and sorrows.
 You know where I came from, 
 What I have seen, my longings for tomorrows.
 I love that you point out my mistakes, 
 To me - and not to other people. 
 When life takes painful twist and turns
 You help me see a path, so I don’t step on thistles.
 You let me grow without judgment.
 Even at times when I am wrong
 Accepted all my quirks and peculiar viewpoints
 Your kindness is what makes me strong. 
 When I put on my “don’t-give-a-damn-tutu,” 
 And dance to the rain under the moon, 
 My dear friend, know that I look up to you. 


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