In a search for a friend, I found a paw.
Stretching her paws, she asked for a handshake
That very moment when I glanced into her eyes
I knew we’d be friends; she was a surprise. 

As I carried her from a shabby pet store
She licked my face showing her affection.
I didn’t know what the licking was for 
Seventeen years later, I know that, indeed, I was  her selection.  

A black 'n' tan mini dachshund
with soulful eyes and vibrant facial expressions. 
Her deep barks and big personality
Made it clear - she was the exception.

Who’d ever thought that shabby store in Crystal, Minnesota
Would have a four-legged friend who’d’ love to play snowballs
Who’d diligently pick up daily junk mail
And never missed a dinner with meatballs. 

And did I tell you that she was a tennis player?
She’d catch each ball without failure. 
She was so fast and spunky as Kournikova.
She was my champion, a spiritual savior. 

My dear Patterson in my heart forever.
Remembering you takes the gloominess away.
I’m glad that in that shabby store, you weren’t an error.
A glorious time with you will never evaporate.


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