Not Afraid, But Free

I come to you in search for answers
My heart, my body aches.
There are no words to describe the flatness
I feel inside my core - It’s like after an earthquake. 

I’m angry! And I know you know it
‘Cause you can see inside my cells
I’m angry at you and I won’t hide it
Confine my words in this empty shell. 

Those that I cherish, those that I need it
You took them from me, you took them away.
I have to blame you, cause I believe it, 
That life isn’t trash that dissipates.

They say I shouldn’t blame you
They say that you give and take away.
Well, I am on my knees and beg you
Mend my torn heart, heal me from curare.

They say I should be fearful
Should be afraid for the words I say to you, 
My God! Today I am tearful 
‘Cause I am not afraid, cause I feel free with you. 


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