Who is a Social Worker?

They say that social workers are made of a particular cloth.
The cloth that can withstand all adversaries,
Because the cloth is socked with kindness and empathy.
They say that social workers lift those that need a hand,
Help them raise  and stand strong.
Even when things don’t go as planned,
They made others feel as they belong.
They bring the light of hope to every household,
Empower them and make them in control.
If anyone can make a difference in people’s lives,
It is the social worker with a nonjudgmental heart.
With a healing message when a broken heart seems to be falling apart.
With words that plead and defend the cause of another
When in the dark and obscure view, they help to see further. 
There aren’t enough words to describe all that they do,
But what we know is that without them, we wouldn’t see it through.


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