My ChapBook

Hello all, I am happy to share that my poetry selection was published in a chapbook and is available on Amazon/Barnes &Noble. I genuinely hope you will find this enjoyable.

Tatiana Kerestesh’s New Book ‘Inconsiderate Bast***’ is an Evoking Collection of Poems That Express Awareness of the Self and the Society

Proceeds will go to support the Voting Rights Campaign
and to support the March for Our Lives

I would like to hear your feedback. Thank you


  1. Poetry is one of the most internal grasping of one’s soul. The writer is the Victor, the Giver, The Wanted, and the victim. Exploring ones heart is mystical and can be cruel. But the rewards are true and concrete. So, write your Poetry no matter what anyone else says about it. And be Free…
    James Brown
    U.S. Army Veteran
    Author of A Panther’s Father Book Series

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