Love Into Rage

He loved her as the coast loved waves,
Loved waves with all the ships and anchors.
A hopeless beast within behaved
When she was off his site.
He loved her as the leaves love the wind.
Love wind for lively tickling touch.
The catching spirit and the blink it left behind,
The glow, the novelty, and such…
Her picture was a silver lining above the slouchy wave.
Was floating, sparkling, wondering as vanished mist.
Emerged, erupted, and gave a rave,
How could anyone resist?
Those sparks were delicate and so divine,
Convertible in water bulk was so hypnotic.
As hard he tried to break away,
The magnetic line got more chaotic.
The wonder’s drama loosened by the sea.
With age becomes a dump and silent myth.
When you retrieve, it guarantees
To bring the everlasting blues.


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