Lilac Memory

This poem was written last year and was inspired by my dear friend, Tom.
Sometime in May last year, I found a generous bouquet of freshly cut lilacs on my kitchen table. I thought this lilacy surprise was done by either my older son or my hubby; they do that. But this time, it was not from them.
The blossoms’ strong, sweet, and appealing scent fragranced the whole kitchen, dining, and living rooms. The scent felt even stronger in the morning. The combination of freshly brewed coffee and the smell of lilac was like a magic potion to my nostrils and awoke still memories of my youth. At that very moment, this poem was created, and verses scribbled on an envelope from a ‘junk’ mail that was never thrown away.
Today, as I was on my routine nature walk, I received a text from a friend asking me to “look in your kitchen sink, please.” My reply was somewhat alarming, yet sure that there was nothing wrong with my sink beside the dirty dishes as I cooked right before leaving the house. The text reassured me that there was nothing critical, and I finished enjoying my 5 miles.
When I got home, I found a bunch of lilac in a small Ziploc bag, sitting in the kitchen sink, among my dirty dishesโ€”That’s when I remembered about the poem written on the envelope and about the feeling this beautiful lilac evokes time after time.
Although he never admits it, the flowers are from my friend Tom. Tom is the most kind, most generous, humble man I am fortunate to call a friend. Tom is the man who has the utmost love for life, for humanity and inspires me to be a better person. He doesn’t talk much, but his words always leave me thinking, dreaming, and searching. He knows when my spirit needs uplifting and always finds creative ways to do that.
Dear Tom, this is for you.

The purple blossoms of the lilac,
Bring memories of my motherโ€™s yard. 
The cluster blooms shine like silver waters
Struck a nostalgic chord. 
     The purple blossoms of the lilac
     Bring memories of sweet sixteen.
     A free spirit, full of dreams
     The hopes of a future were so green.
The sweet-smelling charm of early summer, 
Diffuses the soft scent that makes mi irie.
The smooth touch of flower petals makes me wonder
About unkept promises from the youthful fairy.


  1. ๐Ÿ’œ A Dear Neighbour Lady Friend of Mine was worried about HER!!! Yelling so I Yelled in Support; then gifted Her M&Ms which SHE!!! Very, Very, Very Gratefully Accepted, We ARE Both a Lot Quieter NOW!!!


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