All My Wishes for You

If I could make wishes come true,
I would give all my wishes to you
To lift you up, to give you wings,
So you could fly and breakthrough.

If I could make time stop for a moment,
I would stop the time for you.
Give you a chance to turn around.
Fill the heart with faith to see it through.

If I could make time stop for a moment
I would spend this moment with you.
There are no doubts in my mind,
That it is you, who made a better view.

If I could take the pain you’re feeling.
If I could take the suffering away
I would do anything for a healing.
Just to save more time with you.
This is in memory of my loving parents and aunt.


      1. it is never too late for apersistent talent with a determination passion for ‘whatever’


      2. “Time is what we want most, but
        what we use worst.” – William Penn

        “Lost time is never found again”. – Benjamin Franklin

        we can’t plan for time and circumstances and putting on the back burner/being lateis not a basic option.

        “Time has told, Time is telling, and Time will tell again.” _-Van Prince

        I see your wishes were too late teacher!

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  1. A lovely poem, wrenching in its truth. Time does indeed slip through our sieve if a mind, and soon ten or twenty years have simply evaporated.

    Time then is to embrace, to delve within our passions.

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful poem.
    It allows me to ensconce my soul in the writer’s chair and compose.

    Take care,

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