Heal my hurting heart, oh Lord

Heal my hurting heart, oh Lord
Take my turmoil and turn it into triumph
You gave me life, so fill it with joy
I am your child from Zion. 
   Heal me, oh Lord, from this malady. 
   My mind is filled with agony.
   Spinning like a withered leaf from a tree
   Help me to hold on to my faith
   Help me to retain my sanity. 
Give me oils of gladness, 
Give me back a zest of life
Help me overcome this madness
Whatever it takes, I’ll sacrifice.


  1. When we need where to deposit our suffering, faith in the Lord makes us turn to Him to find the desired relief. Verses that dictate the correct prayer. The photos are great. The beauty of the flowers in its fullness.

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  2. Sad poem .God gave us life and said find me its your only task. Yet how many even have bothered. . I was army in a war that nearly killed me. Yet never thanked him. Spent years looking in right places to find Jesus . Jerusalem the city of mirrors tells lies like donkeys love strawberries. Found that Pal was liar and murdered for it. Lost knowing no son of God existed. I returned and found work in law.Did well and 25 years later told no one just roared as a pensioner that G-d loves me but where is he now . I told him bring on my father only man to trust and tell me who you are. Do you even exist. I was passionate as had tried all else and found only lies upon lies. I can now tell you truthfully my father was sent .I am now Gods believer . He exist as father to us all .You may say its just a story.Your welcome but I am truthful to myself I am Gods son as you are his children too. He will not interfere he told us find him nothing else matters . I have and the way my life has changed is amazing. I have build a house and 6 acres of English gardens since. I have energy like a 20 year old . I know he loves me and that makes all the difference. Yours Sir Kevin Parr Bt


      1. Thank you for reading my blog. Parting is hard .My wife died at 40 .It brought on sorrow and anger and explains perhaps why I roared at the ceiling and found God. All the csah and titles matter not when love walks out of that door dear. Took me years to be me again .One day hope to find deep love again my wife told me too then departed . That was many years ago now. Only ready to try again.As you must


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