Sip of Chardonnay

In a glass of wine, I drown my pain
A glass of wine helps me numb my soul.
Sip after sip of dry chardonnay 
Soothes the brain and takes control.
       A glass of wine is a soul balsam.
       Takes away swelling and aching,
       Helps to face fears and overcome
       Emotions that are intimidating.
A half-empty glass of delicate taste
A half-empty glass of memories.
Sip after sip helps to erase.
Turning my life into a reverie.


      1. Alcohol isn’t harmful unless it is misused and abused as opposed to consumed in moderation=used on special occasions or only once per week!


      1. I know it is not much help what I said, but I don’t know what you went through, only you know that and I am truly sorry. I can’t imagine. Blessings to you always Tatiana. xoxoxoxo Joni

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  1. 💜 “Sip” EEP!!! (Energetic Evolution Process!!!) EveryOne; ditch Grooming Products, Shower only every few days



    1. Well, interestingly, I drink very rarely. The poem was intended to show that wine helps with distressing or boosting confidence (facing intimidating emotions), affecting people differently. Another point is whether people want to admit it or not, but after consuming wine or whatever, they become either too chatty or completely shut; they fall into dreaming mode. Finally, memory and cognitive functions are impacted, leading to some either forgetting or dramatically exaggerating.

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