There is No Freedom

Face the reality, 
There is none of the freedom that’s being preached to the whole world.
You see through a distorted prism, 
further away - the view gets blurred.
The kindness and empathy aborted.
We judge, we hate, disqualify.
Humanity becomes assorted like different colored merchandise.
Time and time, we miss a beacon 
that lights the truth and the path to it.
Face the reality.
There is no freedom.
We play pretend that it exists.


  1. Well said, as truly only white folk glean a semblance of satisfaction, yet falsely imprisoning themselves to the wrong narrative.

    We forge our own chains—mostly unaware—and we exist in a fabricated realm where we, collectively, accept utter folly.

    A beautiful poem, and thank you for sharing your whispers of truth.

    Take care,

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      1. Thank you for reading my work . Freedom is in mind stone walls not a prison make nor iron bars a cage. It is how we look at it .Power is to stop the enemy in war. Peace time it is take no notice of the idiots around us.The greedy rise to power as easy as cream rises on milk . The best men say little as shouting the odds to an English man is not seen as gentleman in my upbringing keep well away from self important and fraud is every place almost hidden but we dont have to see it or fear if we stay true to ourselves and love life and people that really care about God and his children .Matters not what colour you are it depends on who you are to others only .We are all his family his sons and daughters and life is but a test .Not difficult unit you start that test .He said find me. Took me 50 years two trips to Palestine five to Rome but I found the only truth God exists and we are his children. It is why you are here the rest is unimportant what goes on around us floats away . No good on death bed trying to contact him . Do it now and forget the evil that may exist that is magnified in your brain because it matters to you. It matters not to me lives are undone so easily with doubt and greedy and sin. Im no preacher Jesus is a lie by Paul for greed . Killed for his lies by own followers in Rome for a roman pension he betrayed his own Jewish family .If Emperor Constantine had not made law to execute any who missed Mass on Sunday we doubt it Jesus name would have survived unto now. . My findings are no historical record exists of this man . We are the family of God the almighty spirit. So fear not the storm or the sting of a bee the insult to your face laugh at fear not what the mind makes of such only be true to yourself .Hope my words comfort not upset. Be at peace in love with life and cherish all things on earth as none of us have seen beyond the vail of death as yet where all answers await us. We are Immortal so be careful what baggage you carry .It is recorded and filed for judgement day. How do I know I visited for 4 minutes that to me was a month and woke in a field hospital tent in Iraq against all thoughts of surgeons who had called me out as dead .19 years of age army officer shot three times. It was real I was not on drugs I was so weak they just operated on me as many in line waiting for limbs to be severed. I was lucky to be saved but was it the surgeons? I think it a power far higher than any power man has known of. I prayed and he replied . I know so happy I know.


  2. Everyone’s reality of life is different…it is all based on individual perceptions….all based on their own beliefs .there is no ultimate truth..
    Stay blessed..


  3. you may find you still have a mind
    opine downer somewhat mebbe
    life birth in blood and seed
    shed naive and find
    the distance and difference tween want and need


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