Masai Mara


  1. “Your retirement would only be in danger if Donald Trump was still president,
    but he’s not, your retirement isn’t in danger, but safe,
    making your retirement not myth but $math$!” _-Van Prince


      1. They’re adorable but FAST! And supposedly mean. The tour guide told me that when I said I wanted to bring one home to be friends with my dog and cat. He laughed and said it would kill both and probably “mess you up real good too” if I tried. I wasn’t serious. He was. I got one hiding in some tall grass. Because of the angle you have to know what a dikdik is not to think it’s just a plain old deer in the trees. It was so beautiful. Did you stay in any of the lodges? Which ones? (Please don’t name then it was a long time ago and my memory has always been quite fallible, please describe them. Like the Smurf Hut one, etc.)


      2. There are 2 tent camps. One is more of a tent on the ground. Two tents side by side with the water heater between them. The other one is total glamping with a four poster bed and a chandelier, his and her showers, marble bathroom, and it’s raised so the critters don’t get in.

        The hyenas lullaby terrified the bejezus out of me. We were at one of the hotels and it had a balcony that went to the edge of a drop off. It was beautiful with chairs to sit on and we were enjoying the lovely evening. An elephant made elephant noises nearby and it was so pleasant. Until the hyenas tried to sing us to sleep while attacking said elephant. OMG! That laugh! It’s REAL! And there’s something in your brain that can watch Lion King and know that’s what hyenas sound like but you’re ok. But when you hear it in real life, your brain goes “wow! Ed really did sound like a real hyena” as your skin turns into solid prickles, your blood instantaneously to ice, your mouth goes completely dry, your feet start to twitch, your muscles stiffen for a good solid burst of running/climbing anything nearby, and although you are 100,000% safe based on the layout of the location and the distance of the lullaby, your ancient mind KNOWS the danger and your whole body responds in a way you’ve never felt before or since.

        Yeah, it was not a soothing lullaby for me. My husband freaked out so bad he froze and started a nervous laugh that sounded like the hyenas. My dad is mostly deaf and not huge on context clues (like being in Africa where we saw hyenas that very day and he told me they laugh like I didn’t already know that, and thought I was making the elephant noises when I was actually so silent I’m not sure that I was actually breathing), so he just thought it was my husband and kept telling him to stop laughing he would wake up all of Africa. Thinking he was hilarious he started to laugh and repeat his own joke thinking that our lack of acknowledgment meant we missed the humor in it, not that we were both on the verge of heart attacks. When the flashlights, screaming to go away, bells and one gun shot rang out he realized what had happened and ran inside the hotel sliding door so fast ive never seen him move like that. And then, kindly locked us on the balcony and refused to let us in because there were hyenas. My father, his protective gear totally kicked in AFTER the danger was gone, and in his infinite charity locked his daughter and son-in-law on a balcony in Africa because there were hyenas. About 20 minutes later he finally called the front desk to confirm the hyenas were gone and finally let us in.

        Thanks dad 😂

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      3. I’ve gone twice 10 years apart. Each time certain it will disappear forever due to drought and stupid humans with guns. But your pictures tell me that neither have ravaged it so hard. It’s all still there so that I can go back….someday.

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      4. Yes. But they can’t be everywhere at once. The locals are now joining in to assist, but poachers still get through. I recently read an article about the most dramatic (and hilarious) poaching expedition. And it’s real. They were poaching for rhinos. The rhinos fought back. One was injured and arrested, the other just ran. And the third thought gun > rhino and he was killed then eaten by lions. Could be a cartoon!

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