This poem is included in my chapbook, “Inconsiderate Bastard,” which proceeds to support voting rights.


Three giants changed history,
Three giants with one dream.
They set the path to victory with love and with strong will.
Three giants with no benefactors and no guided road,
full of dreams and strong beliefs
got them through countless crossroads.

Like any man, they wanted freedom.
Though freedom isn’t free, they knew.
With giant faith with voice of reason
They headed to the Pettus Bridge for a better view.
A quiet walk and peaceful gesture
Greeted with cruelty and vicious dogs, with water cannons, rocks, batons.
Determined to stand their ground, the giants kept singing their song.
Bruised bodies on the ground, fractured skulls and bones.
Undeserved suffering no one should ever condone.

Fifty-five years ago, the men dared to hope.
Martin’s vision and his dream, John’s endurance and passion held the reigns
Cordy’s faith gave courage to embrace death and torture that they faced.
Fifty-five years ago, three giants proclaimed to the world.
There is no freedom until all are free.
There is no courage without actions.
The fighting spirit never ceases
Don’t be afraid to stand up to injustice.



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