I Come to You at the Eleventh Hour

I come to you at the eleventh hour
'Cause you are my last resort.
Ashamed 'cause I know that you have the most power
Yet, Lord reaching to you I always fall short.
      I come to you at the eleventh hour, 
      'Cause I have nowhere to go.
      'Cause I feel alone and beaten down
      'Cause of black and blue on my torso. 
I ask that you forgive me my shortcomings,
I ask that you open my eyes so I can see.
Through these hard times and through my troubles,
Between the devil and the dark blue sea.


  1. “Ask and it will be given
    to you; seek and you will find;
    knock and the door willbe
    opened to you. For everyone
    who asks receives; the one
    who seeks finds; and to the
    one who knocks, the door
    will be opened.”
    Matt: 7:7-8

    The more you pray,
    the easier it becomes.
    The easier it becomes,
    the more you will pray
    Mother Teresa

    Prayer has a mighty power
    to sustain the soul in every
    season of its distress
    and sorrow.
    Charles H. Spurgeon

    God will either give you
    what you ask, or
    something far better.
    Robert Murray M’ Cheyne

    Pray, and let God worry.
    Martin Luther

    Don’t worry about anything;
    instead, pray about
    everything.Tell God what you
    need, and thank Him
    for all He has done.
    Phil. 4:6

    “Those who believe in God
    and serve God
    through His son, Jesus Christ
    God will answer their prayers!”
    _-Van Prince

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