When I Die, Don’t Bring Me Flowers

When I die, don’t bring me flowers.
Don’t whisper that I will be missed,
Don’t kneel, don’t pray for hours
Don’t shed a tear – a useless mist. 

Bring me the flowers now - as I am dreaming
Come say hello and visit with me
Let’s pray together while my heart is still beating
Smile and laugh with me - life isn’t guaranteed. 

When I die, don’t even bother.
Because I need you now, when I’m alive
Don’t waste your time on an eulogy; I’d rather
Enjoy your lovely words before goodbye.


  1. Very nice poetry. I couldn’t agree more. All the things that are done after a person of faith goes is for those living.
    It helps people to talk about the person that is gone. Gives people a physical place to come and cry or grieve and to talk to the one that is gone. It is also a beautiful way to celebrate the life someone has had. My ashes will be placed into the ocean in the waters along the Oregon Coast. As for me I will be having a feast in heaven.
    Lovely piece. Love ❤️ Joni

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  2. That’s the reality of life. People get you flowers when you need them the least and are not with you when you need them the most.
    Beautiful expression.
    Stay blessed always


  3. 💜 The ONLY!!! Person who doesn’t mind They ARE “Dead” is The “Dead” Person; so, EveryOne, THINK!!! About It


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