Cruising With You

Travel with me to the land of your dreams
 To the realm of the hundreds of love lands
  To the land of eternal romance
   Hold me tight as we dance.
     The vibes are sharp as laser beams,
      It's tantalizing my inner existence
        Do you see? Do you feel the steam?
         Even if I try, I can’t resist ya
          Electric charge comes through your hands.
          It paralyzes me, I fall into your charms.
        The softness of grainy white sand
       Afraid to open my eyes, I fall into your arms.
    The splashing water along the shores
   Melodic and soothing
 The touch of sweet lips. Take me - I’m yours.
Oh how much I love this trip and this ocean cruising.


  1. I am glad that I encouraged and influenced you to write in my New World Order process
    as all writers should do so here with the confidence to become successful authors!

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    1. This piece is a masterpiece and who ever influenced this compliation appears to be the greater authur than actually the writer who published it!


  2. I feel congrats and honors that Ms. Tatiana Kerestesh, a great writer in her own right
    to be encouraged and influenced by my pricless comments to her post and others content here
    as a form of *Collaboration* to perfect the masterpiece herein to show her love anddedication to
    one of her blogfriends here her undying ultimate intimate true love for him, and I wish both of them
    a grand theft Hiollywood pennacle success. May every writer and poet here Congrats and Honor
    her and her blog friend the good-better-best success from ‘The-Rock-of-Ages-to-The-Age-of-Rocks. Amen!

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