I'm not innocent; 
I have been broken.
Tears, what washed my emptiness away
So long as my story remains unspoken,
There is a chance for me to breakaway. 
I'm not innocent;
I have been pleasing others
Just to fit into the realms of societal norms
Like any other man, looking at others through covers
‘Cause others are angry, bitter and cold. 
I'm not innocent;
I'm a vulnerable human
That faces dominance and fear everyday 
Compassion and empathy are my fuel 
They say that Jesus wept for me. 
So, I pray. 
I'm not innocent; 
I have seen trouble
My heart has been torn and pierced
For glory comes after a struggle
For there to be daylight, the night must come first. 


  1. It’s good news to know you’re an independent and critical thinker now,
    not letting your man and others tell you what to think and when to think it.
    now you have stopped being a weak female and became a strong woman!
    *Congrats* & *Honors*


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  3. So touching an experience of a victim of vulnerability and living the lives of others. This is a realistic poem that seeks to teach and to heal the wounds of yesterday. Keep on keeping on. Thanks


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