Dear Facebook Friend

Dear Facebook friend, 
You tell me you know me,
That somewhere, somehow our lives crossed.
It saddens me to tell you - but I don’t know you.
You might be one of those internet ghosts. 

Some of your facial features remind me of a childhood friend.
Your name might be familiar, but there’s not much to that. 
We seem to have friends in common, but they too - are distant to me.
Are they fake or real? There is no guarantee. 

My dear Facebook friend. 
This is to tell you, 
I appreciate that you do not impose 
annoying advertisement and news categories. 
That you keep simple and do not disclose 
all personal and private stories. 

I am intrigued by your sweet comments that secretly you send to me.
Silly to think, but the happy emojis
Make me feel carefree.

The glorious pictures of flowers
that my messenger daily receives,
Although virtual, they too have power to light up my day. 
This is so naïve. 

My dear Facebook friend, 
I won't ask much, but keep your distance. 
Unless you are asked, 
don’t bother me with your requests
or your persona will be vehemently unmasked.

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