From Latecia

For JM    March 14, 2021
I can’t break barriers unless you are with me
I’ll keep on waiting till your heart is free
I won’t push in and test the bitter waters
I won’t pull in unless you’re ready to break free.
       We cannot be apart is what you tell me
       Yet, we can’t be together, it seems.
       Clandestinely we spend a night together
       Leaving hearts broken at the seams.
Vision is dimmed, the eyes are in a fog
Tears broke free
The epilogue becomes a prologue.
      We dive in the bottomless sea
      searching for a fresh spring that isn’t there
      Stealing nights to break free
      in this wondrous love affair.


  1. “Being ready is when 2 hearts, 2 bodies, 2 minds, & 2 souls
    bridge the caps between woman and man
    to love each other unconditionally
    to love one another without reservations!”_-Van Prince

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