She Stands Strong, My Dear Sunflower

Stalin’s song plays balalaika
Sick obsession with communal state 
Cycles of oppression and lashing out
A gun in a face, an invitation to fate. 
The only currency he speaks - weapons
The only friends he values - oligarchs
A large stockpile prepared to blow in seconds
Soldiers on the border, the gun goes off - it sparks. 
What’s on his mind – hard to decipher
Cruel threats and political taunts
He doesn’t fail his part in either
It is an empire that he wants. 
The adoration with authoritarian fathers
With macho image on a horse
Bogus claims that he is the older brother
Stand against him - become a corpse.
He’s fluent in one language – power.
Intimidate, coerce, depress, annex
But she stands strong, my dear Sunflower
filled with energy and warmth.
Is there are leverage against this evil? 
The roots of the crisis run far and deep
No matter how hateful, no matter how hurtful
Freedom and peace will prevail.
He may get Dnipro or even Kiev, 
Through darkest days and stormy nights
But she stands strong, sings sweetly as a nightingale
And he will never get her heart. 

Glory to Ukraine!


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