For the Love of His County

Misty night under heavy bombardment 
On guard - as shells get close
Feet strong on the ground, but a trembling heart
Cold sweat under the soldier’s clothes.
      Fireballs of exploding missiles 
      Glowing in the dark like a beacon of fear
      Roaring like awoken and fire-belching devil 
      Claiming lives, claiming souls 
      It’s a war. 
Holding Kalashnikov close to his heart
Stumbled in a dust cloud and a missile crater
Soldier fights for the love of his country 
Fight for freedom
With a boy fighting for Putin
 out of fear.


  1. Poem good and meaningful. The man who gave his life to help his country should never be forgotten as a true hero brave and noble to world . I fought for my England too but never as brave as he I survived .Now at 71 in Latvia built house and 5 acres English gardens still waiting for winter to pass and start again. Putin has been at Riga gates many times with tanks saying its just army training . Closing air space may lead to World War I fear. No educated mind wants that. Putin will loss war he started no matter what .God is on your side in Ukraine the world wishes we could help even more but you should have joined Nato years ago. when Gorbachov was president of Russia. Sadly under Satan it is a fight we can only help with arms and ammo and rest we can work out to send without any conflict . Many British soldiers have taken off uniforms and under human needs come to fight for Ukraine against the might of Russian Devils. God be with the righteous and I pray each night for all of you to be safe

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