Putler Kaput

A shortsighted bastard possessed by ego
Controlled by fury and hate
‘War makes right’ is the tyrant’s credo
Putler- will be engraved on your slate.
Your life is dark same as your actions,
You have no courage to look into our eyes,
Sending war monsters at night to cause distraction
You are the demon in human disguise.
Your sick ambition with the power,
War arsenal and nuclear blast
Your own bombs and missiles will devour
you and all the Kremlin’s rats.


  1. Satan and all his army are but human tyrants who can gaze smiling at torture but dare not look at war .Russia is Viking Mongul from the Stepp who without doubt is bit a pirate from another century where the rest of world has moved well on

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  2. I HAVE JUST NOW SENT TEXT TO USA President Biden and Boris my friend leader of tories and Prime minister of Britain saying if we do not act now Putin will be next President of America. I hope it makes then think a way around this nato border in name of humanity. I did this to main court of Justice two weeks ago nearly asking mister Khan to send in team as I have it in fact war crimes are being committed .His reply was we are now on our way to see for ourselves the proof needed thank you Sir Kevin .One can only hope for magic to happen and end this as like all I cannot look at torture and dead who bravely fought without wanting to do my level best to tray anything to aid Ukraine. law of Treaty of Paris signed by Russians was broken by Putins attack and war upon Ukraine making it lawful entry into fighting Russians . No world war we are within our rights to go and help .Lets hope they take notice of a Historian

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