I Stand

I stand
Protect you from the shelling
Shot in the back made me numb
I stand 
Bam, bam bullets propelling
Look what the world has become.
I stand
Spreading my hands over your head
From the missiles in the sky
Silently praying to the engine of Bayraktar
I stand
Holding back tanks stockpile
From ruining your peaceful land
I stand
My land is on fire
Battling with evil command
I stand
Feet on the ground
Rumbling from bombs
I stand
On graves of dreams that are screaming 
For the freedom of unbound
I stand


  1. This is really beautiful. We are praying that this horrific display of dictatorship will soon end. The Ukrainian people are so incredibly brave. Blessings for the lovely piece. Love ❤️ Joni


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