To Moskal

Oh Moskal comrades, how much I wish
You could get out of the darkness you’re in
Trapped in one man’s tunnel vision 
A daily portion of lies from state-run television.
Oh Moskovite, how much I wish
That you stand up with burning rage
For truth, for justice, and a taste of freedom
Try to see past Putin’s sickened illusion. 
What, if anything, can move you? 
To mobilize and stand as one.
What, if anything, could unfreeze you?
To defend your dignity from the tyrant. 
Be brave as your neighbor. Come to the Maidan
Your silence sates his vision.
Fear crippled your life and paralyzed your heart
Today is the time. Why pause with indecision 
Face everything and rise.

Save lives in Ukraine:

Verified ways to help Ukraine


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