Distilled Existance

Tranquility is what I need.
Tranquility is what I’m after.
To find a sense of peace, 
Collect the pieces of the life that shattered. 

Revival of my inner self. Revival of my own existence
Is what I need. Is what I’m after.
But memories of you persist,
The imprints indelibly plastered. 

Awakening is what I feel
Awareness about your presence.
Deepened by silence, magnified my sins
in blue -violet fluorescence. 

Serenity is what I need, 
Serenity is what I’m after.
A pause, a stop for which I plead.
Will all these find me? I wonder...

Images taken at Battle Creek Regional Park,Minnesota.


  1. 💜 What if What YOU!!! ARE Seeking is Seeking YOU!!! and ✍️ YOU!!! ARE 😂 🤣 😅 😆 😁 😄 😂 ignoring The Seeker in Favour of Looking To The Horizon that just becomes another Horizon, what if 🤫🤭🤗 🤔 ?



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