I Can’t Breathe

A sudden force threw me off my feet.
Oh dear God! What just happened?
The counterfeit twenty trapped me in.
The counterfeit twenty became my sin.
       Andrew Jackson sealed my fate
       You shut me up, in fear I’d be talking.
       Knee to the neck with vigor and with hate.
       If only I could see your face. 
If only I could see your eyes.
Are you human or the devil in disguise?
With face on the ground I feel the accuser.
Crushing pain in my chest.  
       The heart is pleading for a chance.
       A sharp bonny knee in my face.
       Dear bystander, please help me, 
       I cannot breathe, I cannot breathe...
       Quiet. A sudden peace.
The body lifeless on the ground, 
The summer wind blows soft kiss
Let go, let go. The heart skips beats.
Let go, let go. The life surrenders.

This was written summer 2020


  1. It’s terrible things like this happen in today’s world. We need to learn how to stand together as a worldwide community instead of segregate and attack each other.


  2. Life was lost. Life was taken in hate. Did not care about the family of him. Did not care that they would not see him again. In this earth he had a right to live, prosper, and give love to those who loved him. As I think about the tears shed from all of those who loved him breaks my heart. To hear one say they cannot breathe tears out the soul of the one being held down never to get up again…life coming to an abrupt end, but through the gates of heaven he entered in never to see this world again. Stay safe. Keep writing.

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