Price for Freedom

We are divided by walls
Invisible, but gun enforced
Ignorant, stubborn stalls.
We talk and talk - it’s déjà vu
Rephrase, rehearse
Wipe off gunpowder residue.
Rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat, life in one shot,
A high price is paid for freedom
Rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat,
Souls dissipate without a reason.
Sound of discharging cartridge
falls one by one on the ground
A single pull of the trigger,
Silenced a once happy playground.


MAKE a CHANGE – Please support Sandy Hook Promise or Children’s Defense Fund


  1. I heard a presentation from someone with the Sandy Hook Promise group. Very good group to give to if you are concerned about our children and gun violence.

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