Welcome to The Gun Show

Stockpile military weapons, 
Stockpile high-volume gun clips
Spread of infested rats through the country
Is it our fate?
Is this the end? 
Predicted apocalypse?
Registered, unregistered, and ghost weapons
are used to kill at a family dispute
With a single trigger, within seconds
They silence us; 
They make us strangely mute. 
A simple graduation party,
 a school,
 a mall, 
a club,  
at a postal office 
a walk on a beach 
Become target zones – this is no figure of speech. 
America - the land of free without freedom
A gun behind the back and friendly “Hello” 
Hunting own demons every season
America,  welcome to the gun show


Images from: https://giffords.org/lawcenter/gun-violence-statistics/ and https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/ & https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/u-s-has-been-wracked-with-several-mass-shootings-in-2021-1.5389930


  1. 💜 Does Sound like The End of Days; an “Apocalypse” that is, perversely, actually a Genesis, Funny That



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