Time is a Thief With a Painter’s Brush

Time is a thief with a painter's brush
Gently, covers up past pains and regrets in the golden dusk
Waits for no one and never come back.
Brings it all
Takes it all 
Leaving shadows of life that we had known. 
Time is a burglar
Quietly mounts minute by minute into a block
Doesn’t see why he may not mount another hour
After all, he will never be caught.
Time is a grand larcenist 
like a lead vocalist under the rhythm of a guitar
fires a prominent melody 
Leaving nothing behind but shy footnotes in your memoir.


  1. Time just may not exist .The clock the strikes the hour is measuring mans made age . Beyond him stands ages all gone . The sun rises and falls much as we . The mole builds monuments to mark his process just as man builds to be remembered. We are Immortal both of us .Time will not matter to the spirit roving free . So what is time; a marker from birth to death of body .The transporter on earth .

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