I’m Letting You Go

I’m letting you go -the image so painfully dear.
I’m letting you go-the heart cannot bear.
The emptiness you left behind,
It's like a hole to nowhere.
I’m letting you go – the images and your shadows.
They haunt my soul into the empty hole.
The silhouette of you, the desktop photos
No longer keep me safe - they guard my soul.
I’m letting you go with the hope to find you
Somewhere in the distant universe
When wounds are covered with fibrin
When the last petal falls off from a seasoned rose.


      1. A face without flaws is a face without character; it’s character in a face that gives it beauty!


  1. When a love ends it is like a night that becomes infinite, there is no dawn, there is no more clarity, there is no light. Only time heals the wounds. I really liked your poem. Greetings
    Manuel Angel


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